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We offer two standard models: Large Conference Vault and one Small Hotel desk Vault and " Training room desk Vault "can be used with small desks.

The large model is comprised of three North American electrical power sockets, one RJ-45 cat6 data, one DE-15 VGA, one HDMI & one 3.5mm Audio port. These modules are located under the anodized aluminum cover on the rotating drum. A simple touch of the green open button at side of unit will rotate the above components, 180 degrees to the open service position and a red button will rotate the Vault to the closed position. This will be level with the table surface and can function to be used to charge a phone, plug their devices into power outlet, connect to TV or display device etc. An infrared sensor detects obstructions to prevent the Vault from accidentally rotating closed and damaging your cords during use.

The small model’s simple configuration is comprised of two power outlets and two 5V charging only USB ports for charging phones, iPads, and other USB charged devices.

The simple installation instructions make future proofing your furniture a breeze. Installation only requires cutting an opening to drop the Vault unit into, and then two thumb screws create a semi-permanent installation. We will provide the line drawing for the cut out template to ensure proper dimensions are provided for your specific Vault.

Two color options are available: Satin Aluminum and Matte Black

Size Large (9 module Vault) – overall dimensions – 15.9” L x 4.325” W x 4.062” D Cut size needed – 14.625” L x 4.063” W

Small (5 module Vault) – overall dimensions – 11.740” L x 4.325” W x4.062 D Cut size needed – 10.500” L x 4.063” W